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Do any of your trees have chunks of missing bark on the trunk? How about leaves that have turned brown out of season? Or evergreen needles that are brown or red?

Along with other tell-tale signs like fungi or rot around the trunk, these are among the most common symptoms of diseased and dying trees. If any of the trees around your home or office are showing these signs, it may be time to consider tree removal.


Removing trees to protect your community

Diseased and dead trees are not only unattractive; they are a major hazard, both for your home and its inhabitants. A diseased or dead tree trunk—especially if it’s excessively dry or has been hollowed out by rot or insects—can no longer support the weight of its branches and is likely to fall over, especially if exposed to any severe weather conditions. Falling trees can not only cause major structural damage to your home or your neighbor’s home, but they can severely injure inhabitants, destroy vehicles, or totally block walkways and roads. And even if the tree as a whole is relatively healthy, it’s important to remove dead or dying tree branches before the worst of the Indiana winter hits.

Safe, professional tree removal services in Lafayette, IN

If you have a tree showing any sign of decay or if you’d like to prepare for winter, don’t hesitate to give Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping a call. We’ll send our expert landscapers over to perform an evaluation of your trees and determine the safest path forward, from full-service, roots-included tree removals to seasonal pruning of high branches. Not all diseased or drying trees pose a serious risk of falling, and it can be both expensive and ecologically disturbing to remove trees unnecessarily. That’s why you can rely on our team’s industry experience and local expertise to help you make the best choice. At Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping, we know all about trees common to the Midwest, and we’ve worked throughout the West Lafayette and Lafayette communities for over 16 years. Whether you have white pines or red maples, our expert tree removal team can help you keep your yard healthy and hazard-free. Call us or fill out our quick online form today for a free quote and consultation!

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