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After a full day of family fun or meetings at work, we all deserve a little peace and quiet. And what better place to experience that relaxation than at home?

No matter where in Tippecanoe County you live—even if it’s right along interstate I-65—Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping can bring this much-needed peace to your home with a just few strategically placed privacy plantings.



Benefits of privacy plantings

The best types of privacy plantings share a few common features: they are quick-growing, they need little attention to thrive (if any), and they complement the aesthetic of your property. With 16 years of experience throughout the greater Lafayette area, we at Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping know which varieties of privacy plantings thrive in the Indiana climate zone. By adding a natural element that enhances beauty and obscures views in and out of your outdoor area, privacy plantings can add intimacy to your property, even if it sits near a major roadway or public area. These hardy, attractive plants add much-needed shade in the summer and block your home and yard from strong winter winds. By making your home more private and more beautiful, privacy plantings can also increase the value of your property.

Your Tippecanoe County privacy planting experts

Depending on your specific goals and desires, Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping can install privacy plantings to set off your property from others or to create cozy hideaways within your own space. For example, our strategically placed beautybush around a bench can create a natural nook that is perfect for afternoon reading or morning coffee. And tall boxwood around the pool ensures that your swim is hidden from view. We’ve worked with hundreds of satisfied customers from Hadley Lake in West Lafayette to Munger Park in Lafayette, and we’d love to make you our next happy customer. We pride ourselves not only on our expert local knowledge, but on our friendliness and customer support. For an expert consultation and free estimate for your privacy plantings, give us a call or fill out our quick online form today.

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