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To create and maintain a beautiful garden requires more than just good taste.

In fact, it calls for expert knowledge of a wide range of plant-related subjects, including cultivars, climate, lighting, and soil. In other words, it’s all about knowing when to plant which types of plants in which type of soil under which conditions—knowledge that is especially necessary for annuals, the kind of plants that grow, bloom, and die in one year.




Why plant annuals?

Annuals are great for adding some color and texture to your garden. With hundreds of varieties ranging from blooming flowers to creeping vines, annuals can be planted in coordination with perennials, shrubs, and trees to make your garden look fuller, more unique, and more vibrant. Because annuals have short life cycles, though, it’s important to make the most of them while you can. And that’s where the expert landscaping crew at Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping comes in. Our professional landscapers have the in-depth horticulture knowledge to bring your garden vision to life. From the first stages of garden design to the planting and maintenance of your annuals, we work closely with our clients to build beautiful gardens that complement their homes and thrive in the Indiana climate.

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We’ve gained the trust of hundreds of customers throughout Wabash Township, and with over 16 years of experience, we have truly expert knowledge of stunning and locally hardy annuals that will make your garden stand out. From residential areas in Amberleigh Village to commercial spaces around Park East Marketplace, our annuals bring out the natural beauty of any outdoor area. We want to show you how annuals can enhance your garden or overall landscaping design. For a free quote and personalized consultation with a garden specialist, just give us a call today or fill out our quick online form.

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