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All landscape designers know that the most beautiful and functional front yard and backyard designs incorporate both natural elements—like trees, flowerbeds, and lawn care—and outdoor construction features—like pathways, fences, and decks or patios. But homeowners also know that such complete yard transformations often come with a hefty price tag. If you’d like to add an elegant pathway, seating area, or new patio without breaking the bank, flagstone is a great material to work with.

Benefits of flagstone

Flagstone refers to any type of flat natural stone slab, like slate or limestone, that is used in paving or building. The many benefits of flagstone make it a particularly effective material for outdoor paving: it is extremely durable, requires little maintenance, and offers a naturally slip-resistant surface. Available in earthtone colors like browns, reds, and grays, flagstone has a natural look that is well suited for outdoor living and complements nearly any design aesthetic. Flagstone slabs can also be arranged at random or in highly structured patterns depending on the homeowner’s taste and style preferences. So whether you live in a Tudor-style home in Lafayette’s Highland Park Neighborhood Historic District or a brand-new, modern unit around Purdue, the outdoor construction experts at Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping can help you choose a flagstone design that fits seamlessly into your home’s architecture.

Flagstone and new patios in Lafayette, IN

For over 16 years, Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping has completed hundreds of successful installations of flagstone and new patios throughout the greater Lafayette, IN, area. We know that cost can be a significant determining factor when you’re planning for landscaping or hardscaping work, and that’s why we work with you to maximize all of the benefits of flagstone for a price you can afford. Whether you’d like a large flagstone patio or a single flagstone walkway, our expert team will work with you closely to perfect the design according to your needs and budget. Throughout every step of the process—including digging, slab laying, evening out, and sealing—you can rely on our professional team’s years of local experience and commitment to quality. At Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping, we want to know how we can use our expertise in flagstone and new patios to give you a more attractive, durable, and functional outdoor space. For a free cost estimate, just fill out our quick online form! Or give us a call today for a complementary consultation about your upcoming Lafayette, IN, flagstone project.

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