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In your overall landscaping design, it’s true that the lawn plays a supporting role—but that doesn’t mean that it should be overlooked. Like any powerful supporting actor, a vibrant and thriving lawn does the heavy lifting without really being noticed. A well-maintained lawn showcases the beauty of your flowerbeds, basks in the shade of your flourishing trees, and never hides or interferes with your well-paved walkways, driveways, or footpaths.

Keeping your lawn at such a high level, though, requires a huge time and energy commitment that includes fertilizing, mowing, edging, aerating, weeding, raking, and so much more. At Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping, we understand that you have better things to do than devote your free time to the nitty gritty needs of your grass—and with our professional team and top-quality lawn maintenance services, you won’t have to.

Hassle-free lawn maintenance services in Lafayette, IN

Whether you’re looking for a one-time lawn rescue session or ongoing lawn maintenance services in West Lafayette, Battle Ground, or Lafayette, IN, Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping offers a range of services to keep your lawn looking its best all year long. From basic lawn care like mowing and fertilizing to more complex maintenance like tree removal and yard drainage, we guarantee your satisfaction:

  • Expert consultation and lawn maintenance planning
  • Fully customizable service packages
  • Friendly, professional landscaping crews
  • Up-to-date lawn care equipment
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Outstanding customer service
By having our professional crew regularly work on your residential lawn, they’ll also be able to spot any potential issues—such as dying trees, yellowing grass, pooling water, or bug-infested flowers—before they become a more serious and costly problem. From large farms outside of Battle Ground to one-family homes in Northwestern Heights and Glen Acres, our professional team of lawn maintenance experts has the diverse local experience you need for the most stress-free lawn. Ready to learn more about how we can ease your burden for an affordable price with our professional lawn maintenance services? Give us a call today to schedule a consultation with our lawn maintenance experts. You can also fill out our quick online form for a free cost estimate!

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