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The secret to an outstandingly green and attractive lawn isn’t just regular lawn fertilization and lawn mowing. Although such regular maintenance is certainly important, the key to a beautiful lawn is little less obvious: lawn aeration.

And even the most experienced homeowners may not realize just how important lawn aeration is—or what it entails.

What is lawn aeration?

Lawn aeration is the act of creating small holes in your lawn to allow nutrients, oxygen, and sunlight to penetrate to the roots of the grass. Lawn aeration can be done by hand or by machine. For the cool season grasses that primarily grow in Indiana, experts recommend at least one annual lawn aeration service in the fall.

Benefits of lawn aeration

Lawn aeration provides a number of benefits to your yard:

  • Allows vital nutrients, sunlight, and air to penetrate your lawn
  • Breaks up dense, moist, and compacted soil
  • Helps roots grow deeper and stronger
  • Removes thatch (dead layer of grass, leaves, and debris that can suffocate your lawn)
  • Makes grass hardier and more weather-resistant
  • Keeps the lawn healthier, neater, and more uniform
  • Encourages new seed or sod lawn installations to thrive
If your grass is looking a little tired or worn, lawn aeration may be the solution you need, as the flow of oxygen and nutrients can bring life back to a withering lawn. For areas of soil that are especially clay-dense or heavily trafficked, regular lawn aeration is especially essential.

Your Lafayette, IN, lawn aeration experts

For over 16 years, Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping has helped thousands of customers throughout Tippecanoe County reinvigorate their lawns with our professional lawn aeration services. As a local business, we’re experts in the kind of grasses that grow in the greater Lafayette and West Lafayette areas, and we know just when and how to aerate your lawn for maximum effect. Don’t let your grass suffer from lack of oxygen and sunlight; extend the life and beauty of your lawn with Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping’s professional lawn aeration services. Give us a call today or fill out our brief form to learn how we can make your lawn more vibrant and long-lasting.

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