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Does your front yard or backyard become a swampy pond anytime it rains for more than five minutes?

Poor yard drainage is not just unsightly; it can cause serious damage to your landscaping and your home. Standing water can waterlog your grass, trees, and flowers, slowing growth and causing plant rot, disease, or even death. In the summer, pools of water that remain for several days or more can easily turn into mosquito breeding grounds. And worst of all, water that fails to drain from your yard properly can seep into cracks in your house’s foundation over time, leading to significant structural damage.

Prevent these household headaches by letting Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping install an effective yard drainage system that keeps rain water flowing off of your property and down the drain.

For over 16 years, we’ve worked with members of our Lafayette and West Lafayette communities to build more beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. We are committed to working hand in hand with our clients, so our yard drainage experts will first visit to your home to design a drainage system that fits your yard perfectly. And if you’re just having trouble with an existing yard drainage system, we’d be happy to come out for a consultation and repair or replace it as necessary.

Building an effective drainage solution draws on knowledge from several distinct areas, from soil type and composition to yard topography and French drain installation. At every stage of the process, Alternative Edge Lawn & Landscaping has the local experience and expertise in yard drainage solutions to keep your yard thriving and your foundation intact.

Whether you live at University Farm or in downtown Lafayette, we want to help you enjoy your lawn again. Give us a call today or fill out our quick form for a free consultation and estimate from one of our yard drainage experts.

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